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    stealing ownership

    Brian Fritter

      So i have a workbook on server and anytime someone else publishes an updated version they become the owner, and the previous owner is made an interactor. this is troublesome because when someone is out on vacation and another person posts the monthly update the real owner is locked out. i had to reach out to an admin to get editor privileges and as soon as i re-posted i was the owner again. Has anyone else ran into this and is there a way to stop it from happening? we are on server version 2018.2.6.



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          Cale Garrett

          You have an issue with your content permissions settings. From your question, it sounds like you do not have the ability set permissions yourself, so you will again have to work with the admin you contacted to explain the issue. Depending on how your security and permission models are constructed, it could be as easy as creating a new group with all the relevant publishers and applying that group to the permissions set, with the appropriate level of access to edit and save workbooks.

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            Mark Wu

            This is one good reason why you need project leader. If you and one more team leader are the project leader, you do not need server admin for those kind of things. You can do a lot more self-service as a project leader who can do all the followings:


                  1. Change extract refresh schedule
                  1. Change workbook owner
                  2. Change data source owner
                  3. Change data source user/password
                  4. Modify any workbooks
                  5. Delete workbooks
                  6. Change workbook or data source permissions
                  7. Move workbook
                  8. Restore old revision
                  9. Lock or unlock project permission
                  10. Certify or uncertified data sources
                  11. Create or delete sub project folder

            When someone in your team is on vacation and his/her extract failed, or someone left your team but still owns workbook/data source, or your management asks an urgent change for a workbook but workbook owner is not available (vacation, etc). You do not need server admin but project leader.