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    General Demographic Display Questions

    Kat K

      Hi! I'm trying to display some demographic displays for different dates (identified by their ID) in the attached workbook.


      I have a few (probably simple) questions:


      1. Gender

      How can I make it display as follows?

      Right now the numbers are being shown next to shapes icons, and stacked. On my dashboard, I want it to just look like that with no additional field labels - in my current workbook, I've broken it down by date ID, but I want just one to show the aggregate breakdown of females/males across all dates. I'm hoping to eventually have other details about the date displayed, so when someone selects a particular date ID, this graphic changes to reflect the gender breakdown for that particular date.


      Also, would like to colour those pink and blue if possible and have the %'s rounded to two decimal places!


      2. Age

      Same idea as gender - currently have a pie chart and would like it to display an aggregate % for all dates; when a particular date is selected, the breakdown changes based on that one date.


      3. Satisfaction ratings

      Same thing again - want it to reflect the aggregate data, but to be for specific dates when selected. Also wanted to check that if I click to exclude nulls, the %s don't include nulls in the total? There are a ton of blanks in the data.


      Lots of questions but I think they're probably quite simple - appreciate any help very much! I'm new to Tableau so having some troubles with the basics.