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    Display and activate Older/Newer Buttons

    Kat K

      Hey Joe - a few more questions, and I apologize if it's a lot, since I'm still very new.


      Does Tableau have more visual functionalities to display things in custom ways besides the "Show Me" functions? I'm trying to display my data like so (mocked up a sample of one promo period):




      Similar to what you did with older/newer but with interactive buttons like so; I'm also having trouble figuring out how to place the data in boxes like this (saw DIsplay the data in a box but it didn't seem to work for me...).


      I also wanted to have the average trend from the previous promo period, but may be going beyond the scope of this question for now - will keep trying. Thanks!



      Kat -- I branched this to a new discussion.


      You can make that display, but not through the "show me" tool.  It will take several separate sheets on a dashboard.  And the Older/Newer buttons in this case will be separate sheets as well that will trigger Actions to update the individual data sheets.


      For anyone who wants to follow what I have discussed with Kat so far, the discussion this one branched from is:


      Older/Newer Button for Dates



      Your question will require some complicated stuff, and I'm too tied up today to help you with this, but I'm sure others will step in and take a look.