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    How to create nested IF statements in Calculation field?

    Dhilip Subramanian



      I have a dataset and it has two columns.


      1) Year Column from 2008 to 2018

      2) Team 1 score column for all the years.


      I need to make a graph for minimum scores for each column. I have zero in 2008, 2009, 2012 columns. I would like to remove this zero and assign 56 for 2008, 67 for 2009, 82 for 2012.


      I used the IF condition


      if [Year] = '2008' and [Team1 score] = 0 then 56 else [Team1 score] END

      if [Year] = '2009' and [Team1 score] = 0 then 67 else [Team1 score] END

      if [Year] = '2012' and [Team1 score] = 0 then 82 else [Team1 score] END


      The above code is not working and I cannot make the graph.


      Could you please advise how to do this? Also, please guide me on how to delete or filter out zero values in the row?






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