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    Multiple data values of a single dimension in tooltip & overlapping bars in Waterfall Chart

    Fabian Kress

      Hello Tableau-Community!


      I have a two-part question I am hoping you are able to help me with.



      Part 1: I created a Waterfall Chart. Chart and coloring based on the Dimension "03. Measures" worked fine. After adding the dimension "Status_aggregated" to color as well, the bars of the subcategories each start at the same point on the y-axis and therefore the bars overlap instead of being stacked on top of each other. I tried several options in the "Edit table calculations" menu, but wasn't able to create the desired result.


      Part 2: My Goal is to display multiple data values of a single dimension in the tooltip of the waterfall chart.



      Background information:

      My data contains products which have a Start of Production (SoP) and an End of Production (EoP). Each product has a unique productcode. My goal is to create a Waterfall Chart which shows the number of products that are produced at the year end of the previous period, how many products have their SoP in the current period and how many will reach their EoP. I want to calculate this for six periods.

      For the waterfall chart it is not possible to add a column via a measure which gives each data value an attribute like 2018, SoP 2019 or EoP 2019 since each productcode (line in the dataset) will be true for more than one of these conditions. For this reason I used the visualization technique described here: Re: Waterfall chart with multiple pillars and multiple measures 


      The chart itself works fine. What I have problems with is coloring the bars by Status_aggregated and showing all productcodes, which reach their SoP or EoP in a period, in the tooltip. I was able to concatenate the productcodes, using the method described here: Re: Concatenating data from child rows. Unfortunately, they don't show in the tooltip. Also, I unsuccessfully tried to add them via the Viz in Tooltip option.


      Example of the final result:

      productcode          123456, 123457


      If it's not possible to achieve this solution I am open to different ways of displaying the productcodes or creating the waterfall chart. The only prerequisite is that the productcodes shall not be displayed in a seperate table.


      Please see the Tableau-Workbook attached.



      Thanks in advanche for your Support!