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    FAQ:  Open & Close Dates


      Recommended for Running Total

      Show Records That Fall Within a Period of Time | Tableau Software

      Headcount, when given the Arrival & Departure Dates


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      Split Periods Into Rows Dynamically

      CROSS JOIN with Tableau's join dialog

      The Cross Join Collection



      2019-01-02   Scaffold data with Tableau Prep to fill gaps in your data set | Tableau Software

      2017-03-09   Cross Data Source Joins + Join on Calcs = UNION Almost Anything in Tableau v10.2

      2015-09-21   Vizible Difference: Taking Stock with Start and End Dates

      2015-08-05   RHSD: Lookup vs. Transactional Data


      Data Reshaping

      Installing the Tableau Add-In for Reshaping Data in Excel | Tableau Software

      Is it possible to incorporate data reshaping into the Tableau Extract Engine?

      CROSS JOIN with Tableau's join dialog

      The Cross Join Collection



      Meaning of Formatting

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      2014-05-22  Answered

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      The list below is sorted by date, that is, not by relevance or quality.


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      2017-07-13    Calculate Monthly Opened Tickets

      2017-07-11    Number of Active At A Specific Time

      2017-07-11    # of Products at a specific point in time

      2017-07-11    Status analysis start and end date overlap month

      2017-07-10    Create an average of the last 52 weeks, based on a custom date range length

      2017-07-10    Filling in the missing dates  -  "This works perfectly!"

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      2017-07-06    Block Time analysis

      2017-07-05    get the count of living person on particular date

      2017-06-29    Find number of days between status change

      2017-06-28    How to display a daily number of guests based on the start and end dates of their stays ... ?

      2017-06-26    Line chart with line from start date to end date

      2017-06-19    How to synchronize 2 date fields and filter independently?

      2017-06-19    Counting concurrent appointments per hour with start and end dates

      2017-06-12    Tableau 10.0- Period between Start date and End date to be added under Each month

      2017-06-06    Equal Split Over Period

      2017-05-15    Calculation of days from start date and end date within quarters

      2017-05-01    How to calculate an exact date with period # and start/end dates?

      2017-05-01    I have a start and an end date how do I get my data to appear in between

      2017-04-18    Amount of tickets every day

      2017-04-17    How to create calculated field for aggregated dates in a date range

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      2017-04-11    Mapping start and end dates from two data sets

      2017-04-10    Plotting date field using Start/End dates with data from Tableau Server (no joining)

      2017-04-03    Turning a Flag on if the date is between a start date and an end date

      2017-03-27    Combining 2 date columns to show respective count

      2017-03-15    Distribute Measure Value over 12 Months

      2017-03-07    Manipulating single field with stacked dates

      2017-02-23    Summing over time with variable interval length data

      2017-02-09    Counting Helpdesk ticket stats.......Version 10.1.1

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      2016-12-12    Need help tracking daily project funding over time (Open & Close Dates)

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      2016-07-23    Running Total with Start and End Dates

      2016-06-08    Spread value between start date and end date

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      2016-04-14    another open/close date issue: overdue tickets, aka count # of tickets open more than X days

      2016-04-11    Need help with School Calendar that have start/end dates

      2016-04-07    Splitting metrics by time chunks when only start/end date are in data source

      2016-04-05    Employee Heat Map from Start Time and Duration

      2016-03-31    Help with a count

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      2016-03-07    Help/guidance on a transactional data challenge - Open/Close Bar Chart

      2016-03-07    display service desk pending tieckets at any given time

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      2016-02-25    Complicated data join/blend on dates

      2016-02-09    How to Plot Value Over Time When Data Set Has Only 'Start' and 'End' Dates

      2016-02-08    How to combine 2 different charts?

      2016-02-04    Associated Values during certain times in a day

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      2015-12-03    Calendar with Events Spanning Dates

      2015-11-30    Create Time-Series Chart for resource utilization

      2015-11-29    Classify average of duration per group

      2015-11-28    Blending Actives, Terms and Hires Data

      2015-11-25    Calculate Difference between Running-Sums

      2015-11-24    Inventory Levels - Issues With Timeline.

      2015-11-17    Use time parameter in time series?

      2015-11-12    Line graph showing headcount using two dates

      2015-11-05    Time difference on a set start/end time

      2015-11-05    Identifying Overlapping Dates

      2015-11-03    How to create a table calculation to understand the evolution of a workforce in a career?

      2015-11-03    Determining the number of days (gaps) between multiple date ranges

      2015-11-03    calculated field count within date range

      2015-11-03    DATEDIFF with condition - tracking working time

      2015-11-02    how to create a burn down chart?

      2015-10-28    Summing Data by Date

      2015-10-09    Displaying Counts Based on Age Over Time

      2015-10-08    plotting cases opened/closed over time

      2015-10-07    Business Retention

      2015-10-06    Want to create Workload/Capacity Chart

      2015-10-05    Employees/Patients Time Issue

      2015-09-30    Date - Time difference between activity type appearing multiple times

      2015-08-28    2 side-by-side bars for number of records per month with start date and end date

      2015-08-26    Monthly count of employees based on start and end date

      2015-08-20    Display all dates between two dates even if date has no data

      2015-08-18    Help getting a value for every day (date) of the month.

      2015-08-18    How do I count cases matching a calculation over time?

      2015-08-13    Reporting of dates within dates - i'm confused..

      2015-08-05    How can I partition revenue over a date range such that it falls equally (or at percentages I want) on each day?

      2015-07-30    Another question about Open/Close dates (with a TWIST!)

      2015-07-29    Trying to replicate Excel Countif statements and having a hard time.

      2015-07-28    How to calculate net new using open and closed dates?

      2015-07-19    Headcount, when given the Arrival & Departure Dates

      2015-07-16    How to draw trend and moving average on Created(Order Date), Closed/Resolved(Ship Date) …

      2015-07-10    累積時間の差分計算について

      2015-06-30    Two different time dimension databases including one date range

      2015-06-29    How do I show estimated revenue over time with only a campaign start date and end date?

      2015-06-29    Series chart with only start and stop date.

      2015-06-26    Trend active records between start and end dates

      2015-06-25    Custom date dimension from min date to max date

      2015-06-25    How to reference a column's value in a calculated field?

      2015-06-21    Alarm data with open/close timestamp. Need duration running per day

      2015-06-11    Date / Time stamp data dump every cut off

      2015-05-28    Proportional Brushing with Open/Close Dates

      2015-05-25    Displaying crowd density by hours with data in start and end time format

      2015-05-11    Time between clinical events - Healthcare

      2015-05-10    Sum time intervals on a date placed over multiple rows i data?

      2015-05-07    Trending Hospital Census based on Admission and Discharge dates

      2015-05-04    date columns independent of data

      2015-05-04    Any Workaround to Bring Date Bins to a Calculation Field

      2015-05-03    Global Date

      2015-04-30    Is it possible to create psedo months and divide value between them ?

      2015-04-29    Create Date to divide data across

      2015-04-28    Historical Trending of Open Items

      2015-04-20    Count days in Date Range

      2015-04-20    how to calculate number of days in a month dynamically

      2015-04-17    master calendar  (how to show status of tickets over a time period)

      2015-04-16    Date Range as Parameter/Filter

      2015-04-16    how to display the data in Range of Dates

      2015-04-14    How do I show two date ranges in one Viz?

      2015-04-09    Date Issue

      2015-04-03    Table issues

      2015-03-31    Cross Join Collection with just one table

      2015-03-30    Different dates in one filter

      2015-03-30    how to get month names between two dates in tableau

      2015-03-27    aggregate timedifferences between timestamps of datarecords by type

      2015-03-26    Healthcare - how to filter/calculate by date range

      2015-03-26    Tableau - Monthwise Data Distribution

      2015-03-25    Mapping events between two dates

      2015-03-24    count based on 2 date parameters and one more parameter

      2015-03-24    Dynamically charting status change based on dates

      2015-03-19    Measure activity between dates

      2015-03-17    Bar Chart with only one time line ( but flow should be from start date and end date)

      2015-03-17    How to get counts of active enrollments (active between two dates)

      2015-03-15    Visitors at a Given Time

      2015-03-12    Start and End date calculations

      2015-03-09    Calendar Date as Field Within a Table

      2015-02-27    Select a date but used in two different purposes

      2015-02-19    Calculate time difference between 2 sequential records

      2015-02-19    Instance of Value Relative to Date + Date of Event on Other Row

      2015-02-19    Maximum occupancy of departure lounge/calculation from Gantt chart

      2015-02-13    calculating time intervals with time stamps in the same column

      2015-02-11    date question

      2015-02-03    Divide a value between months

      2015-01-21    Calculate monthly payment and display over time

      2015-01-19    Calculate difference in value based on two date parameters

      2015-01-15    Calculate the date time difference between two rows

      2015-01-15    How to get the dates between a startDate and an endDate

      2015-01-14    Tickets Open and Closed

      2015-01-09    Duration between tasks?

      2015-01-08    Calculated filed questions and Date question

      2015-01-07    Date Time Difference from different rows

      2015-01-05    Calculating Headcount and Attrition - Day/Week/Month/Year

      2014-12-31    Historical Data, Total Open Projects at Any One Time

      2014-12-30    How can I create a calculated field that will count rows where a date is missing?

      2014-12-29    Trending Age Of Workforce

      2014-12-10    Backlog History Data

      2014-12-02    Charting motor runtimes from timestamps?

      2014-11-27    Tableau Date Challange

      2014-11-18    Tracking team members based upon date ranges

      2014-11-17    Carried details

      2014-11-14    Comparing  value of a field in two different dates

      2014-11-13    How do I create hourly time buckets to graph two different time-related fields on the same axis?

      2014-11-12    Tableau Challange

      2014-11-11    Using varied start and end dates for contracts

      2014-11-07    How to filter a "change history" data source by date

      2014-10-19    Creating a view showing most recent status

      2014-10-06    Last Status by Date and Counting Statuses

      2014-09-30    QoQ trend

      2014-09-29    calculate the frequency of  active records from a date range

      2014-09-19    Aggregation

      2014-09-18    Data blending to tag specific instances in time

      2014-09-05    calculate the frequency from a date range

      2014-08-22    Rolling backlog calculation

      2014-08-09    Model tickets open vs closed

      2014-07-31    Create line on chart based on date duration

      2014-07-25    Group based on two dimensions: start time & end time, and Plot

      2014-07-21    Re: The Advertising Campaigns Dashboard Conundrum

      2014-07-14    Make 2 different date ranges form one based on one measure

      2014-07-03    Line to show how many days the item is been pending

      2014-06-30    How do I make a "trailing date range" calculated field?

      2014-06-27    Date Bin Using Start Date and Date Count

      2014-06-17    How to create 2 lines (or columns) from same measure and different filters

      2014-06-17    Plotting the Planned vs Actual $ Shipped by date

      2014-06-11    Using start & end dates to determine number of clients over time with one file

      2014-06-06    time series on items between a start and end date

      2014-06-05    How to get daily count from beginning and ending dates

      2014-05-22    Number of Open Cases

      2014-05-15    Histogram of concurrent activities

      2014-04-30    Stuck building a line chart with start and end date fields

      2014-04-30    Rolling Backlog Calculations

      2014-04-28    multi-dimensional data

      2014-04-21    Weekend Calculation ** Urgent**

      2014-04-18    IF Statement to Filter

      2014-04-07    Custom filter with multiple conditions including list?

      2014-03-25    Conditional Data Relationship

      2014-03-20    Formula that gives True or False when a dimension has no value

      2014-03-20    How can I link Date subtotals from the same table?

      2014-03-11    Filter by minimum date

      2014-03-06    I need to calculate Idle time of a case

      2014-03-05    Open Cases Chart

      2014-03-04    How can I link idenical matters in snap shot data?

      2014-02-13    calculated date x axis

      2014-02-11    Generating more than one date with DATEADD function

      2014-02-06    How do I generate multiple values from a single data point?

      2014-01-17    Sum of Business Hours/Minutes?

      2014-01-14    Custom SQL query using a parameter to define a column name

      2014-01-10    Date Filter -  2 columns

      2014-01-07    count distinct instances of a dimension (Tasks) if another dimension (status) does not equal a value (2)

      2013-12-26    Side by Side Open/Closed by Month

      2013-12-12    Count 'active' people in a Gantt chart?

      2013-11-22    Calculations based on two columns in a row

      2013-11-19    Create a date range between date start and date end fields

      2013-11-12    Calculations with multiple date fields

      2013-11-05    Multiple Measures on an Independent Date?

      2013-11-01    Count distinct records that fit multiple date criteria

      2013-10-16    How do you create a cumulative employee turnover trend chart using only a start-date and end-date?

      2013-10-16    Calculate Date Difference for each ID

      2013-10-15    Identify dates between a range

      2013-10-14    Number of active issues using open and close dates

      2013-10-09    Using a date parameter as a column?

      2013-09-27    Why can't I convert my date dimension to a measure?

      2013-09-16    Maximum calls overlapped in a day

      2013-08-28    The specified item was not found.

      2013-07-27    Count In-flight Events

      2013-07-24    combine two date fields on same axis

      2013-07-07    Date Differnce - only working hours - only working days

      2013-07-02    Hi, I am looking to track open and closed cases across a period of time.

      2013-07-01    measure open and closed cases for week

      2013-06-13    Plotting a Date on Chart

      2013-06-10    Using Parameters to filter a Boolean Dimension

      2013-06-06    Calculate datediff with only one date field

      2013-05-30    Dashboard to track progress of actions

      2013-05-23    Custom Date Range

      2013-05-22    Historic view of Open Cases

      2013-05-13    Finding data points between two date demensions

      2013-05-11    Turnover Rate (Hiring Date and Terms Date)

      2013-04-30    Create a date to filter vacation calendar

      2013-03-12    Calculating on two date fields

      2013-03-04    Hourly/Daily instrument utilization using status dates.

      2013-03-04    Start and End Date

      2013-02-17    How do I create a Date field to show a timeline of events?

      2013-02-14    Creating a Rollforward

      2013-02-07    Split Date Range from Source Data Into Days

      2013-02-01    How to display a graph of "active events" over time

      2013-02-01    How to count occurences by date

      2012-12-20    DATEDIFF not giving correct number of days difference

      2012-12-19    Trend with the number of employees per month

      2012-10-19    Finding entries that were not present in a previous period?

      2012-09-14    net number of outstanding calls

      2012-09-04    Side by Side Month over month opened and closed

      2012-08-29    Table structure with open date and close date columns

      2012-08-23    Trying to get a total of all items between two dates using two date measures.

      2012-07-27    extract sign up date from list of events

      2012-06-18    Total by date range and end date filters

      2012-05-15    DateDiff for Working days only

      2012-03-19    Create net change by period line chart

      2012-03-18    Calculation - Urgent

      2012-02-23    How to count ID #'s within a date range by date?

      2012-01-26    Manual sort not working



      2011-10-18    calculating concurrent users based off of login time and logout time

      2011-08-05    How to Filter out records with Dates which are greater than the Report End Date Filter

      2011-08-05    How to Filter out records with Dates which are greater than the Report End Date Filter

      2011-06-21    Open and closed ticket per month

      2011-06-14    calculating employee turnover

      2011-04-11    Using a date to select a data point

      2011-02-28    How to create a partial measure calculated field

      2011-01-14    Is there a way to re-order the columns in a set?

      2010-09-04    Comparing volumes in and out by month

      2010-06-04    Gantt chart

      2010-06-01    Trending Point in Time Data

      2010-05-26    Headcount based on State/End Dates

      2010-04-27    Count number of open cases

      2010-01-07    Display dual bar on one Gantt Chart

      2009-09-16    Reporting on two independent data fields

      2008-08-23    Syntax for co-ordinates in a table?



      2015-07-20  Date period as multiple marks

      2015-03-28  Pivot on calculated record-level fields

      2015-01-18  Date period dimension type with built-in row split

      2014-07-17  allow group by (or raw sql) to define dynamic sets with more general conditions

      2014-05-16  Support cross product / cross join / Cartesian join / Cartesian product in new connection interface

      2014-05-16  Support custom WHERE clause in new connection interface

      2014-01-21  Super Sets and Subsets - Creating a Series of Sets with Single Calculation

      2013-03-01  Parameter (or custom range) as axis




      1. The primary aim of this question collection is to show that issues with open and close dates (and alike) is an almost overwhelmingly frequently asked question. Why so would be interesting to know, but not something I will try to answer, at least not now, although I hope to hear some opinions on why it is so and what to do about it.


      2. A secondary aim is to encourage production of well-written teaching materials, videos, and a workbook with all the examples which self-learners can study on their own.


      3. A third aim is to encourage Tableau to improve their handling of date intervals:


      Date period as multiple marks

      Date period dimension type with built-in row split




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