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    how to Hide a value from a FILTER without filtering out any data

    Data Rules

      Hi guys i am new to tableau and I am having difficulty creating a functionality that seems really simple on the surface. pls help me out. Auto Industry is the main column. I want 2 diff filters shown on the dashboard. Both of these are derived from Auto Industry. it sounds strange but the Req. is to have a separate filter Luxury that shows BMW and Mercedes and All (total of these 2). Similarly a separate filter Regular that has 5 values + all (total of these 5) as shown in the pic 1 (Ford, GM....) is needed. My chart is a pivot table as in pic 2 where I am showing my main column (Auto Industry) and other data columns and measures as relevant with ford, gm, bmw, mercedes etc.... The goal is when I select for eg. Ford from Regular filter it should show data associated with ford only. similarly, when I select BMW from Luxury filter, only relevant data should display.


      Pic 1:

      Pic 2:


      I tried creating duplicate calc fields and excluding values I dont want to show- drag it to filter shelf. then again drag its duplicate with values I want to show to the shelf and then choose only relevant values as instructed here:- https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/hiding-null-values-from-quick-filters    Tried option 1,2 & 3 with fail. Also tried to follow what the user did here by downloading the workbook https://community.tableau.com/thread/202971  but all this havent led to the solution. any help would be highly valuable.


      many Thanks,

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