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    WMS works on Desktop but not on Server

    Irfan Mohammed

      Dear All,


        I would really appreciate if someone can assist me to resolve this issue. I am following the below procedure for using WMS for background maps.


      1. Map > background maps > map service

      Name: OpenStreetMap WMS Deutschland

      url: http://ows.terrestris.de/osm/service

      use tiled maps is checked


      I am able to add the above wms and able to create required maps in Tableau Desktop


      Now when i try to publish the same on Tableau server, I get the below error. Obviously the server is unable to connect to this wms. When i export this map service, it creates a tms file for me. I have also tries to place this tms file in the below locations on my primary and two workers as mentioned in in some of the articles.


      E:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\vizqlserver\mapsources

      E:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\worker.1\vizqlserver\mapsources


      Can you please help me resolve this issue.


      Just to mention, there is no problem using this wms on Tableau desktop. This issue is with Tableau server.