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    How to listen to axis label click

    Jochen Schmücking

      Hello Community,


      I have the problem, that my embedding web application needs to be notified of a click on an axis label of a tableau bar chart. The click actually triggers an action filter, resulting in the selection of that single bar.

      I'm interested in the information that this action happened and in data from the bar.


      My problem is the JS API is not notified of any of these actions happening when the axis label is clicked. There is neither a mark selection event triggered nor a filter change event.


      Is there any way I can make this axis label click visible to the embedding web application?

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          Jochen Schmücking

          I have to correct myself, actually there is a MarksSelection Event, but the getMarksAsync returns an empty array. I solved this by listening to the MarksSelection Event and when it does not return any marks, I know the axis label got clicked (or a deselection happened) and can then actively retrieve the wanted values via the getSummaryDataAsync on the worksheet of the MarksSelection Event.

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