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    How to Calculate TAT excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holiday

    Pankaj Singh



      Need your help on below mentioned query.


      Currently i am using below mentioned Calculated field to get TAT (Excluding Weekend ) which is working file. But i also want to exclude the Holidays.



      IF [Description] = 'Creation Date' THEN


      TODAY()-DATE([Reopen Time]) - ((ceiling(max(0,datetrunc('week',TODAY(),"Sunday")+1 -datetrunc('week',DATE([Reopen Time])+6,"Sunday"))/7))


      (ceiling(max(0,datetrunc('week',TODAY(),"Saturday")+1- datetrunc('week',DATE([Reopen Time])+6,"Saturday"))/7)) )


      If suppose i need to exclude 22/06/2019 and 25/06/2019 as holiday, then how i will arrive on this.