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    Mapping UK Regions

    lauren Tyson



      I'm wanting to map out UK regions. At the moment I do not want counties.


      I'm struggling to get the correct data to do this- I've tried postcodal data, county data but it's just not working?


      I'm unsure if there is any specific data I need if anyone can help please,


      Is there any pre-made data sheets for this?


      I understand the steps are:


      1. Open Tableau and start a new book.
      2. Change Marks to Polygon
      3. Drag Point ID to Path
      4. Drag Polygon ID to Detail
      5. Drag Sub Polygon ID to Detail
      6. Drag Longitude to Columns
      7. Drag Latitude to Rows
      8. Drag Region to Colour


      But I'm unsure what specific data Tableau needs to do this.