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    Why Won't Tableau Public Display My Fonts Consistently??  Workarounds/Alternatives?

    Jon Syu

      This is INSANELY frustrating.  I've been spending way too much time messing around with the bugs and inconsistencies between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public that mess with layout/fonts/functionality of dashboards and and am close to giving up on Tableau Public.  It feels like a beta release rather than a polished and finished product.  Are there any alternatives to Tableau Public for sharing dashboards?


      Anyway, I switched all the fonts in my dashboard to one of the Tableau Public-compatible fonts that are recommended--"Poppins".  And still, some items of the dashboard fail to use Poppins and fallback on some other font.  Why does this keep happening?  What can I do if I want the dashboard displayed with a single font (that isn't ugly)?