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    To get grand total of a measure without splitting it in ship mode like other measures in the grid...

    Jayshree Dawrewar

      Hi Guys,


      I am facing an issue in which I have to show grand total of a measure without letting it split into any dimension, but rest measure should be split, as shown below in an example:


      Suppose I have two measure like Sales and Profit in a singel report and ship mode to show the split of these measure, but i just want to split Sales and not profit by Ship Mode.


      I want something like this in the end, Sales with ship mode slipt and profit with totals but without any ship mode split.


      I tried showing Profit as discrete, but for discretes we don't get the Grand Totals.


      Does anyone have any easy solution for the same? without altering anything in the datasource can this be achieved?



      Jayshree Dawrewar

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