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    Tableau Calculation_Percent From_Grand Total excluding Null Values

    Phuong Doan

      Hi everyone,


      I have an Amount table (average values) as below:


      After running Tableau calculation (Percent from the first column (A)) for the above table, I have a Percent table as following:


      I am satisfied with the Amount table; however, the Grand total in Percent table does not work in the way I expect. For example, for the company B, the grand total should be 93% (=667/717), and for the company C, the grand total should be 77% (= (562+664)/(717+865)).


      Anyone who can help me with this case? Will appreciate a lot!


      P/s: One side question: Is there a way to format the last row (Grand Total) so that it could be taller than and/or having a gap separating it with the remaining row? Thank you.