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    Is it time for the Christmas Tree? (a story & challenge)

    Tyler Garrett

      Is it time for the Christmas Tree?

      Yesterday I was grabbing some food at the grocery store with my wife. I mentioned someone saying 'Merry Christmas' and the cool dude helping us out sparked a great conversation about how much XMas supplies is already in the store!


      We were having some lunch meat cut for sandwiches - and I started up a conversation with the dude helping us. "What are your plans for thanksgiving?"


      The gentleman said, Every Thanksgiving, after eating, they pull out the tree, lights, and decorations... Then as a community - they put up the Christmas Tree together, and set it up, as a big family.


      It reminded me of the connections we all gain while working together in these forums, and every 'year/post' we come together, and discuss how the lights should go on the tree, and how the decoration should be put on this way or that way, and we use our past experiences to make it better every year/post.


      Well here's a simply little dashboard I built back in V8.2, and when I started this project, I had a full plate over at Tableau Software... So I came to work early, and put it on my free time - just like we all do here in the forums. Taking time away from family, and friends, to build new connections and work together as a family. A digital family.


      Well when i would get to work, I would always talk to anyone who was there 'that early in the morning' and ask them questions... I was really new at Tableau and didn't know if it was possible. So I reached out to product consultants, senior consultants, architects, and even developers at Tableau software. Each time everyone said 'Not possible, but would be awesome if it was...'


      So, I went after it, and figured it out!... So now I wanted to build a fun little forum challenge, and ask all of you Jedi... "How did I do it."


      Sharing the workbook would be CHEATING , and yes I will share it later.


      So, here we are family, another day, another post, another holiday, and another Xmas tree - and another chance to learn from everyone in the community, maybe meet some of you, and say 'Hello!'


      Let me know how I did it, and I will tell you if you're wrong or right! Enjoy!


      The data set is 'SUPER STORE SUBET SET OF AWESOME' - you know it and you love it.
      Can you make a Xmas tree before Christmas time?





      Tyler Garrett