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    Tableau Desktop not displaying correctly

    Fallyn Thompson

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a bit of an odd problem - there's something wrong with my Tableau Desktop set-up/ display settings.


      My workbook is not displaying correctly when I open it.

      (If it helps I'm using a Lenovo Yoga 900)


      For example, for this text dashboard, it displays correctly when I upload it to Tableau Public here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/canwach#!/vizhome/CanWaCH_AP_Beta_2019_2_BMN_875x2750/Methodologyhttps://public.tableau.com/profile/canwach#!/vizhome/CanWaCH_AP_Beta_2019_2_BMN_875x2750/Methodology


      However, on my Tableau desktop - what I'm seeing is the text cut off. I've highlighted the dots where it's not displaying:

      Tableau - section missing.PNG


      It's really difficult to edit what you can't see! or to size the dashboard optimally. Any ideas why it's cutting off the display or how to fix it?


      Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Ken Flerlage

          I think there are potentially a couple of different issues here. First, Tableau Public and Server can often display slightly differently than desktop. I've found this to be a particular issue with text. So, you end up just having to tune it and tweak it until it looks just right on the Server (that's where you'll share it anyway, right?). Second, you're using some non-standard fonts. Tableau doesn't do a great job with fonts unless they are supported fonts. So, often the browser will convert these to a different font. This will particularly be an issue for any users who don't have that font on their machine. My recommendation, therefore, would be to switch to one of the Tableau family fonts and then see if that resolves the issue.


          Here are some details on specific web-safe fonts: Tableau Online/Public Browser-Safe Fonts