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    ExtractAPI logging

    Marco Mistroni

      Hi all

      i am using the Python Extract API to attempt to generate an .hyper file containing 13m rows

      The process takes way too long (on a Win7 machine with 64bit)., approx  6 hours. 

      Was wondering if i could speed it up by somehow disabling logging?  if so, how will i do it?


      w/ kindest regards


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          Faye Satta

          Hi Marco,


          Thanks for your patience on this.


          Unfortunately, logging can't be turned off. In general, it's not that chatty. So there might be something else going on.


          Of course, there might be other ways to speed up the process. I'm not an expert with using the Extract API, but hopefully someone a bit more familiar with it in this community might be able to offer some tips.