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        David Pires

        Thank you Gerardo,


        Not sure the removal of search is an option, but we've decided to create management accounts for each site, the problem is that my name still appears.



        I've changed the ownership of projects, workbooks and data sources to the management account. I don't know what's causing my name to appear.



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          Andrew Macey

          If only a System or Site Admin can see other users, wouldn't that also mean by extension that a Publisher couldn't set object level security at the User level? "Who has seen this report" link would also be impacted.

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            Gerardo Varela


            Good question!  I didn't think about that because publisher's are admins in my case.  "Who has seen this report" is just a workbook views.twb located in the following location (assuming a standard install):


            C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<Version>\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\admin


            That could be easily changed.  For example, if you're using local auth, you can change the dim's Username for System Users Friendly Name.






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              David Pires

              Hi Andrew,


              My situation is similar to Gerardo's where admin's are the publishers.

              What's odd is that no other admin is showing, just my name and a couple of the site users not all.



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                Gerardo Varela


                     I initially tried to omit all users from being returned by the search box, omnibox, but everything I tried kept breaking the underlying scripts/template ( lack of knowledge on my part!) Poking around led me to find the things I needed for workaround. So below is a screen shot of my test server.


                I'm using local auth so you see the Friendly Name (itsWorking) and the user name (TableauTesting). I followed the steps in the below link so I could see the changes on my server.


                Disabling Browser and Apache Caching to See Your Changes to Tableau Server | Tableau and Behold!   Don't forget to rename the .gz file.


                Now the search bar on top is the omniboxContentAnalytics.html. I changed  (it's near the end of the file)


                {{ item.username }}




                {{ item.displayName }}


                Now the second part:


                That file is siteUserPlace.html.  I changed (right after the domain info)


                {{ user.username }}




                {{ user.displayName }}


                Now  the after screenshots:



                No more usernames just the friendly names! To me this a big win but I know it's probably not as useful to you since you use AD (i think). Also, since none of the underlying scripts were modified just what is being displayed (still in testing) nothing should break.  If i'm missing anywhere else I should hide the username please let me know.


                Tableau Server 9.3




                P.SStandard disclaimer that this is unsupported  / As is with no warranties

                Before touching any of those files please make a full Tableau Server backup as well as backing up the originals files.





                Change omniboxContentAnalytics.html from


                <div ng-if="users.items.length &gt; 0"




                <div ng-if="users.items.length = 0"


                The results:

                No more usernames in the wildcard search.

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                  Matz Rasmus

                  I know this is an old trhread, but I have an update to this:

                  In 2019.1 this no longer works. In Internet Explorer, the user fields are hidden, but in Firefox/Chrome, the users are shown??? I have not been able to find a reason/fix yet, but I asked Tableau support for a way to hide the users in the search bar.

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                    Gerardo Varela

                    I haven't dug into Tableau Server files since version 9.3.  I know Tableau has moved a lot of their code around since the release of Tableau Server for Linux. 


                    Porting Tableau Server to Linux, Part 2 | Tableau Software


                    I don't have your version of Tableau Server but on 2018.3.6 it think if you just remove  /#/users that might work.   Either that or always have it equal < 0. 


                    FYI: I'm by no means an expert,  I'm thinking out loud on things I would try.  So tread lightly and please do this knowing you might break stuff and that this is not supported. If I have some free time this week I'll take a closer look.




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                      Gerardo Varela

                      Hi Matz,

                         I just dug a bit deeper and re-read your post.  So looking at the file on version 2018.3.6 , omniboxContentAnalyctics.html , located in:


                      C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\vizportalclient.VERSION\public\en   


                      Here is the part that I would modify:



                      And set it equals to zero:




                      I believe you've already done that. Your comment of it's working on IE, but not Firefox or Chrome, has me thinking there might be some caching going on.  So I would bounce Tableau server and dump the cache out of your browsers.  For chrome hit F12 right-click the refresh and dump cache and hard reload:






                      Hopefully, that does the trick!




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                        Matz Rasmus



                        I found out that there was a 3rd file in the same folder with a different compression. Chrome and Firefox uses this more efficient compression if available, so they read the unchanged file whereas IE read the updated .gz file.


                        This thread Changing color top bar tableau server helped me.

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                          Gerardo Varela

                          That makes sense.  Thanks for the follow-up Matz!  The link you posted is a great read (it's already bookmarked!).




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