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    How to Divide 2 calculated fields in Tableau

    Pavan Kumar poola


      There are 2 calculated fields and I need to do division on them...….Calc1 / Calc2 and this is giving me nulls. Unable to attach the workbook.


      I am just replicating the same example in Super store.



      1. Sub_cat_Chairs

      If [Sub-Category] = 'chairs' THEN [Sales]



      1. Sub_cat_Tables


      If [Sub-Category] = 'Tables' THEN [Sales]



      I need to do “Chairs by Tables” with below formula.





      When I pull this into rows I am getting null values,
      although we have values for the corresponding calculated fields. Please check attached SS.

      Can some one help me solve this issue so that I can apply
      the same in my Project.