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    TSM error when updating Tableau Server from 2018.1 to 2018.2

    Juan Peiró Esteban

      Hello, friends


      I'm experiencing some trouble when updating Tableau Server from a version without TSM (Tableau Service Manager) to another one with TSM. We're following the steps shown in this link:




      The installation works properly until the start of the TSM installation process. We get to the end of the dialog windows in the installation process.


      Then we click "OK" with the "Automatically launch the opgrade script" option highlighted. When we do that, the "upgrade-tsm.cmd" is executed and we obtain the next Command Window where we proceed to authentication. When writting the password and clicking in "Enter" we obtain the next error:



      In the first attempt, we didn't get this kind of error, the authentication was complete and the same cmd window we were asked about the "RUN AS" user password. That's the point of failure of the first update we did.


      What solutions do came to your mind to solve this error and being able to successfully complete the upgrade to a version with TSM?


      Thanks for your time ,