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    Print pdf, schedule, emails

    Prakash Desai



      I have gone through few posts(Scheduling emails ), but couldn't find relevant answer to my requirement. Can you please help me here with Tabcmd?



      1. Filter the data based on few values(shown below)

      2. Export the view to pdf for each combination of filter condition

      3. Merge all pdf's to one pdf

      4. Email the merged pdf file to specific users


      Need bat script to run the below conditions.

      c:\..Command Line Utility>tabcmd get "/views/workbookname/DashboardName.pnf?:refresh=yes&Customer=E6666&Product=229788E" -f "pdf_test1.pdf"

      c:\..Command Line Utility>tabcmd get "/views/workbookname/DashboardName.pnf?:refresh=yes&Customer=E6666&Product=339780J" -f "pdf_test2.pdf"

      C:\..Command Line Utility>tabcmd get "/views/workbookname/DashboardName.pdff?:refresh=yes&Customer=N7777&Product=999788E" -f "pdf_test3.pdf"