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    Live connection to Excel doc in workbook published on Tableau server

    Sara Stark

      I'm trying to embed a live connection to an Excel doc in a Tableau workbook that I will publish on Tableau server so that monthly updates to the Excel doc will automatically flow through to published reports.


      I found this option for doing so:  https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/automatically-updating-data-in-server-workbook-that-uses-live-connection-to-excel

      But am working with one of our server admins as I get an error after publishing to Tableau server that it is unable to connect to the data source.


      I'm wondering if the work around I found is going to go away with 2019.2 based on this article: Legacy Connection Alternatives

      I'm not really sure what a legacy connection to Microsoft Excel is, but I'm assuming it is different from the UNC filepath??