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    advanced filtering

    Chulaxshan Gunasegaram

      I am working on an analysis with text strings components that have been captured on month wise.


      -> We have a requirement in filtering out the contents in the list, where we need to filter out (exclude) the "Tax1" and "Service_Tax" text along with the moblie number. but when i filter out "Tax1" and "Service_Tax" it will result with out the line item "Tax1" and "Service_Tax" , but will give the moblie number related to "Tax1" and "Service_Tax". is there any way that i can omit the entire line and contract details that matches "Tax1" and "Service_Tax"?

      Screenshot 12.png



      ->want to filter only which are not captured Tax components.

      Screenshot 13.png



      Appreciate any one could share the solution for this analysis in tableau or a way that we could filter.



      Thanks in Advance.