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    Market share %, Lookup filter is not working for other sheets.

    sunil joshi

      Hi All,

      I have used a table calculation to compute the market share %. 

      SUM([Value]) / TOTAL(SUM([Value (]))


      When I am using the Brand filter it showing 100% for each Brand,

      then I have also created a Brand filter below which is working fine but this filter is not applying to other sheets.

      Please suggest how to do that.

      I can't upload workbook because it is too heavy.




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          Jim Dehner

          good morning

          table  calculations are specific to the  sheet on which they are created - the work on the underlying "table" for that specific sheet - hence the name table calculations - you can not transfer the result from one sheet to another


          so what to do - use an LOD in place of the table calc -total() is the offending table calc -

                    SUM([Value]) / sum({fixed:sum(value)})        should work but you need to check the syntax - I did not have your book to check it in



          Others have found ways to provide dummy workbook or include only a portion of the data - when you don't do that you are asking us to guess at the data structure - number of sources and other calculations in the book all of which can affect your solution - and often come back with "I should have said...", "what I really meant..." or some other "Follow up question" as a result



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