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    Fix underlying data to properly filter map.


      Hello Folks. This is going to take some explanation, but I hope I can explain my problem clearly.


      Firstly, I am using this workbook to visualize DMA'sGrow your own Filled Maps


      Here is a screenshot of my dashboard:



      The goal is to create a dashboard action that filters the table to the selected DMA (region). However my data is a series of unioned sheets in an xlsx file, and when I click a DMA, my desired data and the map data do not line up.


      Here is a sheet showing the issue:


      You can see that no data is showing up in the table below. The issue is shown here:



      The highlighted cell is what is filtered to during the worksheet action. When a specific DMA is selected on the map, the rest of the DMA's data isn't shown.


      Ultimately the goal is to show all of the DMA's data when it is selected, not just the map's specific data. Maybe it is an advanced LOD.


      Happy to expand if that doesn't make sense.