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    Text Table - How to Suppress Historic Data, But Maintain Total in Display?

    Connor Freeman

      I have an end-user who wants a text table that displays activity both for the last seven (7) days and to-date totals.


      If I filter the date for the last 7 days, I'm now totaling only on those 7 days.

      If I create a calculated field to FIX activity, then I have another measure in the text table and it ruins the visualization.


      Below is an over-simplified example of the data. The 'to-date' totals are a sum of 30 days activity, but I only want to show detail for the 7 most recent days.


      My current solution is to create two text tables, (24-Apr through 30-Apr) and (To-Date), in two worksheets, and then try to line them up in the dashboard. But there must be a better way.