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    Python Tableau Integration

    Abhinav Garg

      Hello Tableau Community!!


      I am trying to run Python code in Tableau. This is my very first time and I am stuck at very first step.


      I am using Python 3.6 and have Tableau 2018.3.


      I have downloaded and unzipped the tabpy from the Github: GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on the fly and display results in Tableau visualizations


      I have successfully installed the tabpy-server using command prompt using pip install.


      I am now trying to turn on the Python server and to do so I am trying to execute the startup.cmd file. I get the following error:"Python was unexpected at this time."

      and that's it then it stops.


      And I get this error on my Tableau desktop:


      Can someone help me figure out what am I possibly missing in configuration?