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    Dynamic/Conditional Quick Filters based on Parameter Selection (and related Data)? Help Please.

    Jonathan Abernathy

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working with proprietary data with this project so its difficult for me to share the workbook without creating an example. But I feel I can explain the issue well enough..


      My workbook is using "Sheet Swapping" for 5 different map views. Each of the maps is for a different program. Within each of these programs, the demographics can and are different.


      For example:


      Program A:

           Race: (1) White (2) Hispanic

           Language: (1) English (2) Spanish (3) Portuguese


      Program B:

           Race: (1) White (2) African-American (3) Hispanic (4) Asian

           Language: (1) English (2) Spanish (3) Korean



      When I use my map selection parameter to sheet swap (on a dashboard) between Program A Map, Program B Map, etc; I would like the Quick Filters for Race/Language to update/refresh properly based on the parameter map selection. My current solution just provides a "blanket" application of all available races and languages (not specific to the parameter selection, I.e. Program A vs Program B).


      The only solution I found online was to:

      (1) Create a blank sheet

      (2) Apply the quick filters that are shared across all program maps/sheets and apply these filters to the sheet.

      (3) Place the blank sheet on the dashboard, and apply to the dash the quick filters from the blank sheet; as opposed to any specific filter from a single Program Map.


      Is there a method/calculated field (for the filters) to help address these quick filters not limiting their data based on the selected map's available data? Is this expectation possible?


      Thank you for any and all assistance!