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    Issues building a proximity map

    Austin Blackerby



      I am attempting to build a dynamic proximity map in tableau 2018.1. The goal of my map is to allow the end user to pick a geographic location (preferably zip-code) and then a radius, and then the map will show all locations within that user-defined radius.


      The attached workbook contains two sheets. One of the tabs is titled "PID". This is exactly what I am trying to do, but the parameter in this sheet is built off of PID, which is just a location unique identifier. This solution will not work for me as the parameter needs to be built off of one of the geographic dimensions to easily allow the user to see different locations. On the second sheet in the workbook, titled "ZipCode", I attempted to apply the same logic I used in the PID sheet. The sheet appears to be correctly calculating distance from the first zip-code in the list, but I am unable to manipulate the parameter. My detail in this map is both location latitude and longitude. I am not able to plot zip-code as the detail as there are several instances on multiple locations within the same zip-code.


      I am essentially just trying to recreate the PID sheet but instead using zip-code as the parameter.


      I attempted to follow the logic in these two sources: https://medium.com/data-distilled/easy-radius-maps-in-tableau-a13b6f17471f  and Distance Mapping with Radius Filter 


      Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!