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    Pendo connectors from Tableau

    Arvind Manchenahalli

      Are there any connectors available to fetch data from Pendo?

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          Sebastian Sofariu

          Hi Arvind,


          Tableau Desktop ability to connect to Pendo data is not currently built into the product.


          An option to provide suggestions for product features is to submit an idea through our community: http://community.tableau.com/community/ideas


          Tableau published technical specifications, including a full list of supported data sources, are available on Tableau website:  http://www.tableausoftware.com/products/desktop/specs


          It may be possible to connect to Pendo, using the Generic ODBC data connection, in order to create a data extract. Please note that while it may be possible to connect to Pendo, using the generic ODBC data connection, success often varies and full compatibility with Tableau features cannot be guaranteed. Please see the following resources for additional information about the capabilities and limitations of connecting to unsupported data sources via generic ODBC:



          Best practice solution, when working with unsupported data sources, is to mirror the unsupported data source onto a supported data source (such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) and then connect to the database using the native data connection.


          An alternative option is to use a Web Data Connector.

          The Web Data Connector option provides a way for Tableau Desktop to connect to data that doesn't already have a connection option in Tableau Desktop.


          Information on the use and development of a Web Data Connector is described in the documentation of the Software Development Kit. The SDK contains necessary JavaScript libraries, example WDCs, a Testing Simulator Console, and a Python Web Server batch file, available at the link below.



          Additionally I will include Tableau documentation on WDC and Community forum,


          Hope this helps!