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    Tableau Prep won't run flow after first time

    Tony Boyd

      I've just started using Tableau Prep (2018.2.3). It's a terrific tool and is rapidly becoming an essential part of my workflow BUT there is one thing that's driving me crazy and I can't find any mention of this in the forums. I can add an Output as a .hyper, save it and run the flow just fine the first time. But if I try to run it again I get the following error:


      Tableau Prep Output Error.png


      There is no way around this except to save it again under a different name or to delete the extract and save it again but that is not how this is supposed to work! Also, when I have 2 outputs I can run the first one ok but when I go to run the second one it won't execute because the first one now has the error condition even though I just successfully saved and ran it moments before.


      I'm running on Windows 7 at work. I do not have administrator access but do have read-write access to everything on my C: drive and the fact that I can save and run the first time suggests that it's not a permissions issue. Does anyone have any ideas?