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    What is the best practice for providing keyboard navigation instructions for a dashboard?

    Kyle Gupton

      The Tableau Help includes documentation for using the keyboard to navigate and use Tableau dashboards and views. As many end users of Tableau dashboards may be unfamiliar with Tableau and the particulars of how to use a dashboard (and those crazy filters!) with a keyboard, a best practice when creating accessible dashboards is to provide end users with an easy way to get to this content in the Tableau Help.


      The most straightforward way to do this is to place an Image Object on the dashboard with a Target URL that points to the help page:




      A question mark icon or something similar is a good choice for the actual image:


      Remember to make sure to set the tooltip text for the image as well. The tooltip text becomes the image's alt-text, something needed for accessibility. At the moment (4/5/2019) the ability to configure the tooltip text is only available in Web Authoring, but it will be coming to Tableau Desktop soon.


      When the end user selects the Image Object, the keyboard navigation help will then open in a new browser window or tab:


      Now you’ll notice that the Tableau Help table of contents and other navigation aids are displayed as well as the actual help contents. This might not be appropriate for end users who don’t know Tableau or don’t need to know that the dashboard is a Tableau dashboard. To help make the experience better for such users, Tableau 2019.1 introduced a new query stringfor Tableau Help URLs that will display only the help content with no table of contents, breadcrumb links, and so on.


      The new query string is contentOnly=true and can be appended to the URL above as follows:




      When the user selects the Image Object with this URL as the Target URL, what they will get in a new browser window or tab is:


      And there we have it! Nice, clean content that explains how to use the keyboard with a Tableau dashboard.


      You can see an example of this in our Tableau 2019.1 accessibility test dashboard that is published to my Tableau Public page.