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        Camila Fracaro

        Hi Richard,

        just want to thank you for all the work you've been putting on this. Looking at this post it's really noticeable how kind you are to answer all these questions and how you are always willing to improve/help.

        Your work really helped me on my previous job and now I'm trying to redo it on a new job. It's not working properly yet with the new downloads I've done but this post probably is the answer for that. Will try at home on my Windows computer, but couldn't stop to say a BIG thank you.


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          Richard van Dijk

          Hi Richard,


          Thank you for all the work you've put into this tool and the support given to users like me. It has been proven to be a valuable resource.


          Today, I ran into a small problem that I want to share with other members for easy reference. TabGeoHack was no longer working on previously configured YAML-files and Shape-files. The error message was along these lines:

          Unsupported on-disk structure for file xxx.fdb. found 11.2, support 12.0.

          First I though it might be related to an updated version of Tableau and its Firebird geocoding database. Turns out it was related to the version of Firebird drivers I installed at a later point in time for another project.


          My recommendation, uninstall all Firebird 3.0 drivers, make sure FBCLIENT32.dll and GDS32.dll are removed from C:/Windows/System32/. Subsequently, install Firebird 2.5.7 sub-release (at the time of writing). TabGeoHack should be working again.


          Kind regards,


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            Clifton Farr

            Richard Leeke


            Good Evening, Sir.


            First, thank you for this awesome tool! I was cruising along setting up US Area Code shape files to generate a map of calls received by area code, and ran into this error towards the end of the process: "Unsupported disk structure for file C:\Users\...Geocoding.FDB; found 11.2, support 11.1"


            I am using Tableau 10.1 and it appears that the last version of your awesome tool will correct this, but the link to the file in your dropbox is a dead link. Would you be so kind as to restore the link?


            Much appreciate you and your efforts!


            Kind Regards,

            Clifton Farr

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              Richard Leeke

              Hi Clifton


              I do remember seeing a notification from Dropbox about public folders being made private and thinking that I would need to update those links. Then I promptly forgot about it!


              Those links should all be live again now.



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                Clifton Farr

                Excellent! Thank you so much!

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                  Paul Schlarman



                  Your contribution with this utility has been invaluable & I can't thank you enough.  I haven't used tabgeohack with a new shapefile for a while.  Now when I am running (v2.0.10) with the command --roles, I get an error "Error: Can't locate perl520.dll".  It seems it may have been uninstalled by another dev tool like visual studio or something?.  I did find a copy of the per520.dll in my temp folder (c:\temp=gdk-username\95281a63ff292c4be79653cdc614eccc), and copied it into my path, but I still get the error - maybe missing other dependencies.  Any suggestions on how to repair this?





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                    Richard Leeke

                    I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea what is happening there.


                    Tabgeohack is written in Perl, but I distributed it as a standalone executable with all of the Perl run-time files built into the exe. The other files in the zip were for external utilities that it calls (the GDAL spatial libraries and the Firebird database engine used by Tableau for the spatial data), but none of those use Perl. I've just searched my copy of the installation and I don't have a perl520.dll either.


                    I actually no longer maintain it and don't even have a Perl development environment any more. I also haven't even run it for a couple of years, so I wouldn't be surprised if it no longer works with recent Tableau versions. I'll try to remember to have a go with a recent Tableau version and see what happens - no time to do that now though.


                    What version of Tableau are you on? Do you even still need to use it given native support for shape files is now built into Tableau?

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                      Paul Schlarman

                      Many thanks for your quick reply, Richard.  The dashboard in question is still Tableau 10.1 and I haven't updated it yet to newer versions because things were working smoothly and additionally I had some issues in the newest version with data blending with shape files due to some complex aggregations and LOD calcs.  This might be my motivation to get that done now if I can't resolve this Perl issue. 



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