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    Absolutely atrocious support

    Justin Pulley

      Once upon a time if you opened a P1 support request Tableau treated them as such.  Now you get a Tier 1 support tech that briefly glances at your logs and says "eh.... I couldn't find anything, I am escalating this to Tier 2."  At the same time they lower the priority and it has been 18 days since last contact with Tableau support.  I was working on looking into adding the prep flow refresh to our server, but I have put that on hold as I will not give this company another dime until they figure out how to support their customers.  Perhaps they got too big too fast, not sure.  Either way, at this point, avoid Tableau and go use their competitors product because at least then you will actually get support when you open a case.  In case you are wondering the problem is that randomly the gateway service seems to take upwards of 45 seconds to 1+ minutes to respond.  I can't pin point a cause and I need an assist from the team that knows their logs and services to help me pinpoint it; even if that means they tell me that there is nothing on the tableau side showing for sure it isn't their gateway service.