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        Milton Ayala

        Hi Phil,


        I am trying to distribute evenly tiles in a dashboard but my version (10100.17.0328.0758 64 bit) doesn't seem to include the option called that is shown in the video Dashboard Layouts and Formatting (illustrated in minute 5, second 16). Would you mind suggesting how should I go about this?


        Please note the option "Distribute Evenly" is present in the video

        And my copy of Tableau doesn't include it:


        My Version:

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          Phil Naranjo

          Hi Milton--


          To get the Distribute Evenly feature, you need Tableau 10.3.  If you install Tableau 10.4, however, which is coming soon, you can use Distribute Evenly plus the new Dashboard Spacing feature for controlling white space in dashboards - better together.  :-)  Here's a blog post that I wrote:


          Command visual best practices with dashboard spacing | Tableau Software


          Curious to hear about your experiences with these features.




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            Chris Gerrard

            Another way to accomplish the basic desire would be for sheets to have the ability to have true independent visual forms the individual cells created buy the dimensional/discrete context.

            This would actually be better than sheet synchronization in that it would remove the possibility for the separate sheets to get changed so that they have dissimilar contexts, throwing off the synchronized scrolling.

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              Chris Gerrard

              I just saw this post and am wondering: is Tableau really interested in making dashboarding as good as it can be? If so, we should talk. There's an enormous amount of room for improvement, too much to encapsulate in  single post. I've written a fair bit about this on Tableau Friction, but for starters...


              • have a true authoring mode separate from the reader/consumer mode; it's really getting messy with only the single mode in Desktop, and the arguments against modes were voided many versions ago
              • fix the tiled container proliferation problem  - this has been well covered and makes managing layout and relationships difficult to impossible for anything more than the simplest cases
              • implement a reasonable layout manager, one that's much more predictable than the current one (which is better than it used to be but is still pretty clumsy)
              • better still, have multiple layout managers, at least two:
                •              - one for the simple double-clicking a few sheets to build a basic dashboard, which the original one was & we're suffering for it today
                •              - a robust, sophisticated one that really does allow the creation of the very highest quality dashboards
              • document how things really work
              • be able to align sheets on important, visually and analytically meaningfully elements like axes, etc. - trying to get sheets visually aligned is an exercise in frustration


              It's needs to be noted that the new, improved activation borders on dashboard objects are a big step forward. And a huge pain. They make it much easier to access an object's configuration options, which is very good.

              But they also obscure whatever is underneath them, which is very, very bad. Particularly in those cases where a lot of time, energy, effort, and attention was put into making sure that adjacent objects are positioned "just so" in order to make the dashboard as clear and effective as possible.

              This feature is itself an excellent argument for having real author/reader modes.

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                Phil Naranjo

                Thanks for the 'for starters,' Chris.  This is great feedback.  I'll pass it on to my team, Dashboards.  We're starting to tackle some of the issues that you call out, in an incremental fashion.  If you're interested, I'd be interested in chatting via WebEx and picking your brain.  We can demo some ongoing work and experiments.  Please let me know and I'll contact you offline.




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                  Ka Wai Michael Cheung

                  Hi all,


                  I am quiet frustrated with the formatting of the dashboard. There are several bar charts in my dashboard and I would like to dynamically change the size of the containers which contains the bar charts, without changing the width of the bars and showing the scrollbar.


                  For example, if the preset size of the container can fit one to two bars, then the container stays unchanged. When there are three bars or more, as the bars no longer can fit in the container, I would like the container to increase its size automatically.


                  I do not want the "Fit" > "Entire View" Method as it changes the bar widths. The "Standard" or "Fit Width" Method do not seem to work as they introduce a scrollbar.


                  Does anyone here know any way or trick that can do the job?


                  I am using Tableau Desktop (Professional Edition) 2018.3.4.




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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Containers don't change size.


                    In the attached (10.5 version) I made a simple barchart with a filter.  I added it to a container on Dashboard 1 and I put a border on the container so you can see the way this functions.



                    I set the sheet to "Standard" fit.  That means Tableau will make it look like it does when you're editing the sheet.  Bars retain their designed width.  Add Regions from the filter.  When you select a 3rd region, the sheer "expands" within the size of the container.  Add the 4th, and the sheet exceeds the container size, and you get a scrollbar.


                    That's how it works.  If you want no scrollbar ever, expand the size of the container to fit the largest number of bars.


                    If I misunderstood your question, make modifications to the example to demonstrate what you are doing, and we'll go from there.  (And if we need that, I'll break this out into its own thread on the forum for you.)

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                      Ka Wai Michael Cheung

                      Hi Joe,


                      Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate that but the attached is the screenshot of part of the dashboard that I am trying to construct. I want to put another sheet in the red area and there is a bar chart on top. For different values in the filter, the number of bars will be ranging from 1 to 10+. So if there is only one bar shown, the space will be extremely large, which does not look too good to me.


                      The issue is


                      1. If I use "Standard" and expand the size of the container to fit the largest number of bars, when it comes to 1 bar, it is not visually appealing. And I have no control when the data source is changed since in that case the number of bars may easily grow to 20 or 30+.


                      2. If I use "Entire View", the bars look okay for a few to more bars. However, when it comes to 1 bar, the bar chart is looking stupid to me since the bar is extremely wide.


                      Thanks so much for your reply. Do you think there is a workaround to this? I think Tableau has to add this feature if there is not for now.


                      Looking forward to your reply.






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                        Joe Oppelt

                        OK, Mike.  You should make a whole new thread for this.  And  I'm not in a position to help you with this today.  A new thread will get the attention of anyone on the forum who can help out.  (By and large, only people who have participated in this old thread will see what you've posted here.)


                        Start a new thread and include a workbook.  Without a workbook, you're not going to get much traction.  (And a screen shot is not sufficient.)

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