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    Tracking Users Manually Running Extracts

    Kevin Doherty

      I throught this would be a simple query based on the Tableau Data Dictionary notes so not sure if I am missing something.


      We are on Tableau Server 2018.2.5. and we have quite a few Site Admin and Content Owners who Manually kick off their Extracts. There was an ask yesterday to provide information on who kicked off a specific Extract and I was unable to determine the answer. So I did a test and kicked off my own Extract manually this morning.


      My first thought is this would be in ASYNC_JOBS table based on table definition.. it is not in that table.


      My Manual Refresh is in the BACKGROUND_JOBS table with no Schedule tied to it. Issue is the BACKGROUND_JOBS table has no User Id associated with the Event.


      Finally I went to HISTORICAL_EVENTS table.. I see my Manual Refresh Event in this table.. but it looks like for that type of Event (As well as any Scheduled Extract) the Initiating User is always NULL.


      Am I missing something? Thanks in advance