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    Show TRUE/FALSE if, for any given date, a field contains "X"

    Adam Owen

      Hello all,


      I'm currently slightly stuck with getting TRUE or FALSE to populate for a given piece of logic.

      I am attempting to colour a bar, for any given date, if a certain string appears in a field.


      Apologies that I cannot share the source data, it contains sensitive information, however it looks something similar to the following:


      1 Jan 2019Method A
      1 Jan 2019Method B
      1 Jan 2019Method B
      1 Jan 2019Method C
      2 Jan 2019Method A
      2 Jan 2019Method A
      4 Jan 2019Method B
      4 Jan 2019Method C
      4 Jan 2019Method D
      5 Jan 2019Method C
      10 Jan 2019Method A
      10 Jan 2019Method B


      A workbook of the same information is attached.


      I am attempting to colour a bar chart comparing Date to Number of Records. Where the colour of the bars indicate if "Method C" was undertaken. I've tried the following:


      IF CONTAINS( [Procedure], "Method C") THEN TRUE




      However, as you'd probably expect, it will only colour the sections of the bar chart that contain "Method C", not the whole bar itself. Is there anyway I can produce a calculation that will colour the entire bar?