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    Tableau Conference Berlin vs Vegas

    Andre Wagner

      I'm keen to understand a bit more about the 2 conferences Tableau offers, which are in this year Berlin & Vegas.



      Are these conferences more or less seperated and cover different content or is there loads of overlap, e.g. is Berlin a replay of what was shown in Vegas before?


      I mainly try to understand, if it's worth visiting both of them or whether one would do and if so, which one (ignoring travel costs & ticket costs).

      It seems to me, that the Vegas one is bigger of course, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's better

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Andre


          First of all a disclaimer: never went to the European TC.


          That said, the answer to your question is: it depends


          If you are in US, or can get to US in a cheaper fashion than Berlin I would say : go to full experience at TC19. If you have budget constraints and Berlin is closer and cheaper for you then you will need to consider what you want to achieve at the conference.


          As TC is the main event of the company, everyone that matters will be there. So for networking thats the place to be. It also has much more sessions than the European version, some may be repetitions of what happened in Berlin (in special the Tableau offered ones). Also the data night out is way bigger.


          As TC Europe is a version more focused on European markets I dont feel a lot of people from US (vendors and attendees) will be there. So your networking is reduced.


          Anyway, I went to 3 TCs in USA and I can't recommend it enough. In special now that I know more people from the community and I feel part of the family... before it was very hard to feel inside with other 15K unknown people walking around.


          I hope this helps


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            Ciara Brennan

            Just fyi, thread moved to the TABLEAU CONFERENCE board


            Tableau Conference

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              Jonathan Drummey

              I went to TCEU last year for the first time, I've been to 7 TCs. TCEU is quite a bit smaller than TC, maybe 2K or 2.5K?? people last year while TC had 18K.


              Common things between them:

              - Tableau hands-on training sessions

              - Tableau Doctor

              - Tableau staff leading sessions (there are dozens and dozens of Tableau-led sessions that have fairly standard content from conference to conference)

              - Devs on Stage



              - The customer-led sessions are primarily from Europe at TCEU and the US/Canada at TC. I know that the Tableau team prefers to have EMEA customers rather than US presenters at TCEU so you'll see separate customer content.

              - My impression is that there are relatively more Tableau development staff at TC to interact with than TCEU, which makes sense both from the relative sizes and that most of Tableau's dev team are US-based.


              Either way they are both great!