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    Automatically Generating the Output of the Tableau Reports in Pdf and excel

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello  All


      i have one Tableau workbook in which we want to generate the PDF and send it to our Stakeholders


      For example i have one cover page on the Tableau Workbook where i have some filters like location and Segment


      Let say Customer A says can you give me the PDF report of  California, Texas , Michigan and Pennsylvania for Corporate and Consumer Market  in both PDF and excel format


      Can i automate the process of generating the PDF  and excel corresponding to each location and send it to them otherwise we have to manually generate the PDF and excel and save it and then send it to them


      Since this is for only A customer , lets say we have 10 Customer asking for the report for different location and segment then we have to manually generate each and everything


      i am not sure whether we can automate that or not but i would like your thoughts on this and if any way we can automate this