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    Tableau Mobile:  Redesigned App Coming Soon

    Jim Cox

      Hello Tableau Mobile community. I’m Jim Cox, the Product Manager of Tableau Mobile, posting to let you know that a redesigned mobile app is coming soon.


      What’s Happening

      The updated Tableau Mobile has been in alpha and beta testing for nearly a year, and our testers are finding the new design to be more intuitive, faster, and more effective than its predecessor.  We think it is a significant improvement, and we hope you find that the new Tableau Mobile design makes it easier to find and use the data that you need.


      We will be releasing the app to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store in the coming weeks.  Depending on your company's deployment approach, you may get this update automatically, and we wanted you to know about it in advance so that you are not surprised by the change.


      What’s New

      The core of the redesigned app will be familiar. We continue to provide immediate access to Favorites alongside the ability to browse and search all the content on the site.  However, we have made significant improvements within that framework:

      • The browse and search experience reflects project hierarchy and structure that is easy to understand and consistent with Tableau Server and Tableau Online.
      • Offline capability has been improved.  The updated app downloads the user’s Favorites and stores local copies which we call Interactive Previews.  Interactive Previews load very fast and offer richness and interactivity even if the device is offline.

      In addition, the redesigned app delivers feature and deployment parity across iOS and Android and increased Mobile Device Management (MDM) support for enterprise deployments.


      To learn more, watch our Tableau Mobile presentation from Tableau Conference 2018.  This talk features a side-by-side demonstration of the old and new designs. We also take a look at some of the feedback that we have received from this community and the ways that it influenced the new design.  Spoiler alert; your feedback was incredibly helpful and very influential both in motivating and shaping the new design.


      Quick Look at the New Design

      Here's a quick tour of the redesigned app in the form of a side-by-side comparison of the existing and new designs.




      Current Design

      The current design shows one whole Favorite and about half of the second, and the list is presented alphabetically.

      New Design

      The new design shows more Favorites and arranges them
      with the most recently added at the top of the list.



      Offline Access / Interactive Previews


      Current Design

      The current app downloads Snapshot images of all Favorites for offline access.  These are static images.

      New Design

      The new approach is to download local copies of all Favorite vizzes for offline access. These are called Interactive Previews.

      New Design

      Interactive Previews load fast and are interactive.  Here is the same Interactive Preview with a highlight action and a tooltip showing.



      Browsing Site Content


      Current Design

      In the current app, tap "All" to see a flat, alphabetical list of all workbooks and views on the site.

      New Design

      Tap "Explore" in the new design to see an expandable list of Recents plus a list of all the projects at the top level of the site.

      New Design

      Tap any project to see a new Project page; a structured view of all of the sub-projects, workbooks, and views in the Project.

      New Design

      Tap any workbook to see a new Workbook page.  Each view within the workbook can be accessed via its thumbnail image.



      Searching Site Content


      Current Design

      In the current app, search results are presented as a flat, alphabetical list of all workbooks and views containing the term.

      New Design

      The new design presents structured search results so you can see the projects, workbooks and views that contain the term.



      If you've made this this far, thanks!  We hope you download Tableau Mobile on your iOS or Android device and enjoy using it to have fast access to all of your important data wherever you are and whenever you need it.


      Jim Cox

      Product Manager, Tableau Mobile

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