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    MIPS Dashboard

    Emma Genco

      I'm working on creating a dashboard for physicians to track MIPS Scores (Quality & ACI). For those of you who are familiar, you know that the scoring methodology for the Quality scores can be a bit complicated.


      Since this is a widespread national program , I'm hoping I might be able to leverage the Tableau healthcare community to see if anyone has been successful in creating a meaningful MIPS dashboard that they might share?


      Specifically, I'm looking for what kind of data source you used (excel/SQL server/etc) and how you were able to calculate deciles and bonus points for Quality scoring (whether within tableau or using some advanced analytics on the front end).


      Currently, I'm stuck with flat excel files to work with, but they do have the numerators and denominators for each measure, which will allow me to compare individual reporting vs. group reporting. Again, I'd like to see how others have calculated final scores given the top 6 will count and one must be an outcome measure.