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    Questions on data connections

    Manas Datta

      Hi all,


      I'm embarking on a project, and I'm trying to move the reporting to Tableau. There are a bunch of data sources that have been cited in our first meeting, some of which I know I can connect to easily, but not so sue about the other ones. I was wondering if anyone else had either experience with these, or could help me out with what kind of questions I should be asking to get more detail. Here are the data sources I am trying to combine:


      • Google Analytics (not set-up beautifully yet, e.g. also no google tag manager in place).
        Should be able to just connect using Tableau. 
      • Google Ads
        I thought Tableau had a connector for Google Ads, but I can't seem to see it in my Tableau Desktop version. Anyone got any ideas why? Or what the alternative is?
      • Bing Ads
        I can't see a suitable connector built into Tableau, so I was going to use Stitch as a connector. Does anyone have a better idea?
      • Salesforce (without API functionality, as we have subscribed to the basic business plan)
        Should be able to use the Salesforce connector in Tableau, is this the way to go?
      • Social Media (linkedIn, twitter, xing)
        Need to get more detail from my product owner on what data they are collecting.
      • Marketo for email automation
        Again, should be straightforward connection from Tableau.

      Any thoughts or guidance on this would be much appreciated.