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    Tableau Prep Custom Split Limit

    Amelia Shank

      There is a column in my data that I need to split and pivot. The column represents evaluation results and there are rows that reach up to 20 different results, with each result split by a semicolon. I am running into an issue with the Split capabilities of Tableau Prep with the amount of fields the split creates. I have tried both the Automatic and Custom split and had more success with the Custom split.


      When I have done the Automatic Split on the column, the data is split into only two separate columns, with the rest of the data (after the second semi colon) completely truncated. Using the custom split, I specified a semicolon as the delimiter and and chose to split of "All" fields.


      The result of the custom split is only 10 different columns, when I know there should be 20. The data after the 10th semicolon is completely lost.


      I've been working around this by doing the step manually in Excel prior to loading into Prep, but was wondering if there is a way around this or if this is just a limitation of Tableau Prep right now.

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          Joshua Milligan



          It does appear to be a current limitation of Tableau Prep.  I do hope to see it addressed in future releases.  Please vote here to lend your support to removing the restriction: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/9033


          There might be a possible workaround with the REGEXP_EXTRACT_NTH() function to find the 10th instance of the semicolon along (and surrounding characters) and replacing that with something that can then be used to split out the field into two fields of less than 10 semicolons each that could then be individually split without exceeding the limit - but what a mess and I'm not entirely certain it would work without really working through all the steps.  Maybe better would be to split by length of the field.


          Best Regards,


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            Larry Hill

            What you can do until this "feature" is changed is Edit one of the splits, Create a new Calculated Field, Paste the code and change the number at the end of the string to 11, repeat and change the number to 12, etc...  I have not found a limitation this way. I will grant you, this can be a pain if you are splitting dozens of values off.

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              Joshua Milligan

              Hi Larry & Amelia,


              So with little to no fanfare, Tableau Prep Builder 2019.1.3 released with no limit on splits (I went up to 60 in testing).  Just select "All" on the Custom Split dialog:


              Best Regards,


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                Larry Hill

                Life saver! I have 2019.1.2 and had to hand code an additional 14 splits. Downloading today! Thanks