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    Resetting Historical Events

    Mark Sabin

      I have cribbed some SQL from another post relating to creating a data model/dashboard for profiling usage of workbooks, views and data sources over periods of 10, 30, 90 and 180 days (I've misplaced the link - will edit and add once re-located :S ).


      The problem that I think I am experiencing is that I have also recently been using TabJolt, iterating over all view URLs in my instance (trying to find a balance for the caching settings).  I believe that my access stats are now skewed by the virtual connections that were spun up during the execution of TabJolt.


      Is there a method for me to reset Historical_events (even if its back to 0, so that we can re-start monitoring usage)?


      and/or is there a best practice method that I should be following (such as: in PostGres, takes copies of tables X, Y , Z - run TabJolt - replace tables X, Y , Z with the backed up versions?