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    Extract API 2.0 and Tableau SDK ported to C#

    Scott Steesy

      Before Tableau 8.0 was released I worked with the beta of the Tableau SDK, ported it to Microsoft Dot.Net language C#, and made it available on the Tableau Community. Over the years I updated my work as the SDK was expanded, and updated that original community posting. In January 2018 I ported the "new" Extract API 2.0 to C# for creating Hyper files, and a couple months later I figured out how to use BOTH in the same application. I again updated that original community post. I'm personally disappointed they didn't update the SDK to produce and publish Hyper files instead of creating just the "Extract API 2.0" but have to live with it.


      Unfortunately sometime in the last 10 months Tableau saw fit to discard that entire section of the community. I guess they felt topics started with Tableau 8.0 no longer applied. I think they should have kept "active" topics. It is unfortunate because the entire "history" of my work is now gone.


      With the release of Tableau 10.5 they have also stopped reading TDE files (at least in Server and Online) so have also seen fit to abandon the SDK, which would produce or publish TDE files. So moving forward I'll only be using my C# port of the Extract API 2.0 to produce Hyper files and calling TabCmd.exe in order to publish them. I could program against the REST API, but that is far more complicated for the little I need to do.


      So for everyone out there using C# I am not going to re-post my C# port of the Tableau SDK and Extract API 2.0 from January 31, 2018 since I don't feel like putting in the effort to remove the SDK portion ... heck someone may be still using Tableau 10.4 or earlier and want the SDK.  In I'm feeling industrious I might even try to find all the community postings still alive that cross linked to my original post and drop an cross link to this one.

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          Hello Scott,


          Patrick here, I work at Tableau and maintain the Tableau Community Forums as a Community Manager. First, sorry for the delayed reply.


          Second, I would be happy to investigate any missing content from the forums, we have a fairly strict policy on deleting content and there is a possibility this content has merely been moved into our archive. I would be more than happy to resurrect or at least provide you access to if this is the case. Is there a link to the OP handy? maybe an old bookmark or blog post? I might be able to use some admin wizardy to investigate where it has gone.


          Third, thank you for sharing this with the Community! The Tableau Extract API is a great place for this content.


          I look forward to getting a link or title of the OP so I can hunt it down for you.



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software