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    Tableau Prep - advice/best practices

    harshita sahu

      Hi All,

      I am using Tablea Prep to merge 4 different data sets on data lake where the data comes from different platforms, mostly they are structured and I plan to union them by all rows and columns. DO you have any best practices on using data prep or do's/don't s?

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          Caite Stevens



          I have recently begun using Prep and am still relatively new to Tableau (been using it for less than 1 year). My biggest takeaways were:


          • It can get confusing with lots of sources - make sure fields and tabs are clearly and consistently labeled.
          • I've found that Outputs overwrite themselves unless you move them out of My Tableau Data Prep Repository, so I routinely copy & paste them into other areas to preserve them.
          • That "Show only mismatched fields" toggle is great, use it!
          • Verify, verify, verify. Export & double-check all your data.


          Nothing earth-shattering here - advice you'd get for any kind of data manipulation.


          I have found Prep to be a valuable tool, particularly with Unions. It gives me the ability to visually see my blends spatially, which is helpful if you've got complex situations. Unions in Tableau Desktop aren't as easy to manipulate, in my opinion.



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            Jim Dehner


            Good tool to use

            you are pulling data from 4 platforms to Union together - are all the files structured the same?  I.e same number of columns - same headings?


            Prep can help you clean the data and match the columns - at the same time the base data need to be structured to support the end goal (if that makes sense)


            when you union the data Prep will include a table name that ties back (not a link just a reference) to the original data set - you can either keep it or delete it but


            Once you are done with the Union and you complete the cleaning process - you will output the data to file - at that point the visual tie to your original data is lost



            I would like to see the Prep flow and how you have cleaned the data if you can share



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              harshita sahu

              Thank you Jim and Caite. This is a good start. I will come back with questions soon.