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    Question About PostgreSql Database

    Erik Wempa

      Good morning.  I'm drinking coffee.


      I have a simple visualization set up that reports on distinct users at the project folder level on the server for the last two full months (January 2019, February 2019).


      I am connecting to the PostgreSQL database to pull back these numbers.  It is a live connection, and I'm using a count distinct on the FRIENDLY NAME field to get my numbers.


      On a day-to-day basis, I noticed my numbers are changing, usually dipping ever so slightly when they *do* fluctuate.  They remain relatively consistent, but there is definitely some fluctuation here.


      Does anyone know if my numbers are possibly being impacted by basic things like workbook deletions (which would make sense), workbook promotions (I'm thinking they may possibly be "resetting" the numbers?) or anything else that I may be missing?


      Any info would be appreciated.




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          Teju Deep Pamarty

          Hi Erik, are you looking for distinct users of the project or the distinct users that are logging in every day ? The first one shouldn't frequently change unless you are adding new users or deleting them. In the second case although it depends on the history tables. Also , here is a great post which has shareable data sources that can answer most questions about your server.


          Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server

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            Erik Wempa

            I'm looking at distinct users at the project level.  The only fields on my viz are the project folder name, the month of LOGIN AT (date field), a filter on LOGIN AT to scale down to the last two full months, and the number of associated users (a COUNTD on FRIENDLY NAME).


            That's it.


            And my COUNTD on FRIENDLY NAME actually drops slightly on a day-to-day basis (typically, anyway - sometimes, they are spot-on).


            That's why I'm wondering if workbooks being deleted from within that project folder could be causing this slight decrease.  Or perhaps workbooks being promoted to the project folder could somehow be "resetting" the numbers on a day-to-day basis.


            I'm also wondering if things like workbook refreshes could somehow be coming into play here.