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    Worksheet name issue - dashboard.worksheets.forEach(function (worksheet)

    Armando Santos



      I am a beginner in developing Tableau Extensions.


      I’ve started recently to develop a new extension as per suggestion of Keshia Rose.   

      (TABLEAU version 2018.2)


      Now I am facing one un-expected behavior that I need some help or guidance.

      In the below code (index.html) I am struggling to get the worksheet name available on the dashboard and I don’t know the reason of this strange behavior. As you can see below, I’ve tried 3x different approaches but without success.

      My final goal is to draw a chart (for example a Doughnut) with data coming from the Tableau datasource - as per steps within:



        <script src="js/tableau-extensions-1.latest.min.js"></script>

        <canvas id="doughnut" width="1300" height="900"></canvas>




        //initialise the tableau object, wait for the promise to return and grab the name of the dashboard

      tableau.extensions.initializeAsync().then(() => {




         // This javascript function gets data from a specific worksheet and draws the Doughnut.

         function drawChartJS() {


         // Gets all the worksheets in a Tableau Dashboard


         // 1st option

         let dashboard = tableau.extensions.dashboardContent.dashboard;

         dashboard.worksheets.forEach(function (worksheet) {

            if (worksheet.name === 'worksheetData')


              alert('The correct sheet!!!');




         // 2nd option

         tableau.extensions.dashboardContent.dashboard.worksheets.forEach(function (worksheet){window.alert(worksheet.name)});


         // 3rd option

         const worksheets = tableau.extensions.dashboardContent.dashboard.worksheets;

         var worksheet = worksheets.find(function (sheet) {

            return sheet.name === "worksheetData";



        // Call a function on the worksheet Object to get the Summary Data

        // worksheet.getSummaryDataAsync().then(function (sumdata) {

        //window.alert("worksheetData is found!!!");



         // Dashboard name     

         window.alert("The dashboard name is ? " + dashboard.name );


         // Render the doughnut 

         var options = {




      In the 3rd option if I include the below code then the extension stops.

         // Call a function on the worksheet Object to get the Summary Data.

             worksheet.getSummaryDataAsync().then(function (sumdata) {

                     window.alert("worksheetData is found!!!");




      I can see in Tableau side that initialization of this extension is working fine (tableau.extensions.initializeAsync()) because I can see the alert popping up with the dashboard name.


      However, I don’t get any alert for the existing worksheets (as you can see below we have 3x sheets + 1x dashboard):



      Please advise or suggest any options.



      Armando Santos


      PS .Attached the trex + index (full code) files for your evaluation.