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    Multiple offices in the same city - how to map

    Barbara Adcock

      I have a data set for global locations for which only a few sites have more than one office in the same city.  I tried finding street-level coordinates but wasn't successful.  Each data point has the city name, a code indicating the location in the corporate nomenclature, and a city name appended by a 1, 2, etc. for additional identification of the site.  Thanks to the video training and feedback from forum members, I've gotten the 'right' number of widgets showing on the map for each site, labeled with numbered site name nomenclature, with the exceptions of cities with multiple locations where I can see only one of the site labels no matter how big I blow it up. I can carefully hover and see the 2nd site because I know it's there to look for, but others need to be able to 'see' the 2nd site.    I am tantalizingly close to getting this base view the way I want it.  THEN we want to be able to show each location color-coded or with a  specific symbol to indicate its office type - Main, branch, kiosk, etc.  Some of my partners' data sets have 5-8 variations in a single city! 


      Thoughts?  I can't include a packaged workbook as it has sensitive data in it.