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    Trigger dropdown filter changes through Javascript

    Martin Borugadda

      Hello all,


      I have a Tableau Workbook that contains few dashboards. One of the dashboard has a filter dropdown (being visualized as a Single Value (dropdown) ), that applies filters on a field across multiple worksheets. Is there any way that I could change this dropdown selection through Tableau Javascript API. I need this functionality to automatically load the Tableau dashboard with some predefined selections.

      I know we can apply the filter across all the desired/required worksheets using Worksheet.applyFilterAsync(), but this would require I have a mapping for all the worksheets that this filter dropdown is attached to, and there are many dropdowns like this in my dashboard. Also applying the filter across all the worksheets might have latency issues.

      Also, I cannot  pass the filters using the VizCreateOptions Record while loading the Viz itself, because this seems to be applying the filters across all the worksheets in the dashboard, but I only need to apply the filter on those worksheets that I selected for this filter dropdown.